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Fawn is a NH and MA licensed real estate agent with Homefront Realty, LLC of Manchester, NH and No. Andover, MA. She serves areas throughout New Hampshire and north-eastern Massachusetts. In addition, Fawn has years of professional experience in finance, insurance, and manufacturing, and an education background which highlights business ethics and professional development. She has worked alongside good, honest, hardworking people and she would be honored to provide you with the best service possible because she knows how hard you work for your money. 

Having moved and lived all over the country, Fawn also knows what it is like to pack a box or two. Are you leaving a beloved home or venturing off onto paths unknown for the very first time? She has been there and will be there for you. She has lived and worked in big cities and small towns, farming and mountain communities, lakefront and oceanside neighborhoods. She has traveled on horses, tractors, skis, and subways. She knows the difference between city and country living…and that sometimes it is less about the house and more about the garage...or the barn. 

Whether you love the character of older houses or the clean lines of new construction, small cozy communities or vast farmland and woods, Fawn will not hesitate to leave her shoes at the door or put on her hiking boots to walk in step with you throughout the boundaries of your home… present and future.